Providing quality
chemical products
since 1993

Representing multi-national
chemical producers
in Pakistan since 1993

The Dow Chemical Company products sold by BPL in Pakistan:

Polyurethane (PU Systems, Slab Stock Polyol, MDI, TDI) PU Systems are mainly used in manufacturing of automobile seats and appliances Slab Stock polyurethane (Polyol) is used for making foam mattresses MDI/ TDI are components added to Polyol in the manufacture of foam mattresses

Polyethylene including:

Specialized PE grades for Extrusion Coating
HDPE Injection Grade
Polyolefin Plastomers and Elastomers
Wire & Cable jacketing
Specialty polyethylene has a wide variety of uses in the Packaging Industry, specifically in the production of high strength, high barrier stretch, shrink and lamination films. • Oil & Gas Chemicals ( MDEA, TEG, Heat Transfer Fluids)
• Epoxy
• Latex
• Primacor
Primacor is a series Ethylene Acrylic Acid Copolymers used mainly in the extrusion/ coextruin coating of flexble packaging applications • Chemicals (VAM, Acrylates, Propylene Glycols, Di-propylene Glycols)
• Performance Chemicals (Speciality Polymers, Heat transfer fluids)
• Filmtec membranes (Tap water, Brackish water, Sea water, Nano-Filtration)
Products of Lubrizol offered by BPL:
• CPVC Compound (for manufacturing hot-water pipes & fittings)
• Products of Milliken offered by BPL
• Colorants for PU foam industry
• Product detailing required (One liners about the products and what do you do with them example manufacture, Process) Brightland supplies a wide range of raw material products to manufacturers across Pakistan.