BPL is a Private Limited Company, which was formed in 1993 and is actively operating since then.

BPL represents an American Multinational Company, Dow Chemical in Pakistan since 1994. The major product portfolio includes Polyethylene, Polyurethanes, Chemicals and Performance Chemicals. In addition, BPL is also dealing with Reverse Osmosis membranes and plants for water desalination and for producing mineral water.

BPL also represents another American Company LUBRIZOL Corporation, with Global Head office in Cleveland, Ohio, USA and having regional office in Belgium Lubrizol Advanced Materials Europe BVBA Chaussee de Wavre 1945, B-1160 Brussels. LUBRIZOL is globally operating and is involved in manufacture of speciality chemicals, performance materials and speciality polymers. In Pakistan, BPL is currently selling CPVC resin for hot water pipes for domestic and industrial purpose.

BPL has also acquired representation of yet another American MNC, Milliken & Company having its head office 920 Milliken Road Spartanburg South Carolina 29303 USA, which specializes in producing Colorants for PU foam industry.





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